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4th Edition Fillable Character Sheet

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This project has been nearly a year in the making. When I set out to make an auto-calculating PDF for my first SR character, I had no idea how arduous the process would be. Nonwithstanding the organization and re-organization of elements within the document, the code for calulations alone is thousands upon thousands of lines in its entirety. I'm sure even now that I've reached what I would consider a milestone release, I'm sure there still remain additions or adjustments that could serve to make it even more functional.

-- chinagreenelvis, 12.29.2010

Feedback for the project can be left at http://forums.dumpshock.com/index.php?showtopic=33839.

Revision History

10.27.2011 | v.1.05

1.2.2011 | v.1.04

1.1.2011 | v.1.03

1.1.2011 | v.1.02

12.29.2010 | v.1.01

12.29.2010 | v.1.0